Sociology Urban Growth Boundaries as a Solution to Overpopulated Cities Essay




In this paper (1000-1250 words) you will craft a compelling argument that is clear and well-supported to communicate why your proposed alternative is a viable one. Your paper should include:

  • A clear topic paragraph with the purpose of the paper clearly stated. Each paragraph of the body of the paper should include a topic sentence, argument/description, and a conclusion/summary of the point you are making. The final paragraph of the paper should re-articulate the purpose in a way that offers a final or conclusive argument and makes the takeaways clear to the reader.
  • A clear and well-supported argument (inclusive of a series of shorter arguments), made in a manner that will resonate with and reach a diverse group of people with disparate worldviews.
  • Arguments that are respectful, educative, and avoid scare tactics.
  • High-quality sources that are cited to back up each claim and are referenced in a way that builds trustworthiness with the reader.
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