statistcs research paper due 4 days

My research paper needs to be compiled together then have another page or page and a half added to it. I need it in 4 days.


I have 5 1/2 6 pages of work already done from previous assignments during the past few weeks. I just need you to compile the information I already have together and add 1 1.5 more pages of information in order to make it the correct length and have the entire paper flow together. The other page or page and a half should include Descriptive statistics such as means, standard deviations, frequencies, ranges, or percentiles. Follow that with a conclusion.




To prepare for this course project submission read the National Guidelines Regarding Human Subjects’ Research document

As part of the case study, the hospital that was just acquired (Maple Grove Hospital and is currently doing research or will be doing research in the future in conjunction with the parent hospital. Analyze how these guidelines should be implemented at the hospital that was just acquired (the one you have been researching) to make sure the practices are consistent between the two sites and explain the role the IRB plays in the process.

For example, would you create policies and procedures, offer training, create a handbook, or provide some other way to integrate these guidelines into the facility? Maybe the hospital you are researching already has these guidelines in place so your analysis will focus on making sure the practices are the same between sites.

Submit a rough draft of your course project. The rough draft should be 7 pages in length (approximately 1600 2000 words) not including the title page and references.

The rough draft should be formatted according to APA guidelines.


Provide an overview of the facility. Include important information about its size, service deliveries, location, patient demographics, specialties, financial information and other information you find that is important or distinguishes the hospital.

Make sure that you properly cite references in an APA format. It is also important that you save any sources that you use for your paper as you will be creating an annotated bibliography as a future deliverable.

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