tactics used to mitigate the effects of bullying 1

he Week 5 assignment is the culmination of your hard work in ENG122. You will submit your final research-based academic argument. Weekly instructor guidance, prior assignment feedback, and Chapter 5 in your course text, College Writing Handbook, will help you complete final revisions and edits. In this assignment, you will show that you have achieved all course learning outcomes:

  1. Interpret information through close and critical reading.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of the writing process.
  3. Employ effective academic tone, style, mechanics, and citation method.
  4. Integrate relevant source material effectively and ethically.
  5. Support a position appropriate to the rhetorical situation.

You will submit a five- to seven-page (1,250 to 1,800 word) well-structured essay that is formatted in proper APA style. This final draft assignment must integrate prior feedback and show effective improvement from the prior rough draft assignment. Your essay is expected to be the product of a complete and thorough writing process.

The argument presented in your essay must be sound, valid, and based upon evidence from at least eight credible sources—at least five of which must be scholarly. (Review the Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table for more information about appropriate sources). Information and evidence must be integrated properly, cited accurately, and used with integrity. The essay must be appropriate for an academic audience.

If you have any questions about the requirements of this assignment, please contact your instructor right away. This assignment will be assessed on a 100-point scale and is worth 30% of your final grade. Your assignment may lose its formatting when it is converted in the Waypoint grading system. To preserve formatting, please submit your assignment as a PDF file.

Additional Assignment Information

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draft feedback

I enjoyed reading your essay! As I worked to review what you’ve written so far, I was pleased to see you working to incorporate your research into your argument. Nice job.

You did well introducing your topic in your introduction. Ask you work toward your final draft, I’d like to see you work to clarify your thesis statement, since right now you have a purpose statement rather than a thesis statement. . Your thesis statement should be your main argument, which means that it should be an arguable assertion (based upon your synthesis of the scholarly research you conduct) that each of your body paragraphs work to support. I’ve offered feedback in the markup to help you as you work to refine your thesis.

I like that you worked to offer specific solutions to bullying and that you have offered evidence to back of many of your points. Continue to strengthen your paragraph structure to ensure that each body paragraph is structured to support your thesis. Ensure that you are crafting strong topic sentences that parallel the supporting ideas you preview in your thesis statement. Section 2.2 of your textbook has some excellent advice on body paragraph structure, including crafting strong topic sentences that serve as the claims that support your thesis statement. You may also find this webpage on good paragraph structure useful.

One of the greatest strengths of your paper was that you worked to include real-life examples to illustrate your points. Doing so helps your readers follow your line of thinking, so nice job! I would recommend adding an additional paragraph that discusses the counterargument, which is the perspective that disagrees with your own. What merits does the counterargument have? What research supports it, and how might you refute it? Showing your readers that you have carefully considered the counterargument signals to them that you have approached your research with an open mind.

You did well including in-text citations for your quotes and paraphrases. I was happy to see that you are working to format your document per APA 6th edition guidelines. Your formatting and in-text citations had a few minor errors, of which I commented on in the instructor markup. Please view my comments and any resources I’ve suggested. Then, let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to try to guide you further. 🙂

Since you submitted your draft late, your grade is: 8.172/10.


Mrs. Michael

( 3.00 / 3.40) Argument Development

Proficient – Most claims are supported by logical reasoning and/or credible evidence from the minimum number of sources required. Argument has a well-developed foundation.


You did well in developing most of your claims. Your argument demonstrates that you are building an understanding of the writing process and argument structure. There are a few places where the connection between your claims and the supporting evidence is not fully developed. Review your marked-up paper for specific suggestions that you can apply to your final draft.

( 2.30 / 2.30) Rhetorical Development

Distinguished – Voice is appropriate for the situation. Argument is tailored to an academic audience.


Your tone reflects a scholarly speaker, and your language is clear and appropriate for an academic audience. Furthermore, the purpose of this argument is evident and fits the subject and occasion. Review your marked-up paper for additional suggestions that you can apply to your final draft.

( 2.02 / 2.30) Written Communication

Proficient – Document shows some organization, is properly structured, and meets length requirements. Font, margins, spacing, title block, headers, and other elements are mostly consistent with the required style guide. Writing has the potential to be clear, correct, and easy to read after revision and editing.


Your rough draft contains some minor errors that may distract the audience from your ideas. Visit the Writing Center to refresh yourself on writing mechanics, and keep an eye on grammar and mechanics when you edit this paper.

( 1.76 / 2.00) Academic Honesty & Source Integration

Proficient – Written work appears to be original. Sources are properly integrated and cited appropriately. Minor errors in citations exist.

Overall Score: 9.08 / 10.00

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