what are the visual elements of art

Pick 2 questions from one chapter and 1 question from another chapter for a TOTAL OF 3 questions AND answers.

Chapter 4
1. Select three of the visual elements of art, define each, and then discuss three separate works from other chapters in the textbook that illustrates the use of each element. Give the title and artist of each of the works that you discuss.

2. Discuss the use of lines, both actual and implied, to direct the viewers’ eyes and to create focal points in the following two works found in your textbook by Leonardo da Vinci: The Last Supper and The Virgin and St. Anne with the Christ Child and John the Baptist.

3. Select two works from the text that are two-dimensional and discuss the concept of visual texture, giving examples of how it is employed. Which of the two is more convincing to you and why?

Chapter 5

4. Discuss at least three ways that artists create compositional unity in a work, referring to specific works of art in the textbook to support your statements.
5. Choose three works of art from the textbook that utilize rhythm and compare the emotional and intellectual responses they evoke in you.
6. Choose two works of art from the textbook. One must have a focal point and the other must be afocal (have no emphasis in the art) and explain fully why these works qualify as such. Which is your preference – a work with or without a focal point or emphasis and why?

Please provide ARTIST’s NAMEs, TITLES (in italics) and PAGE NUMBERS when writing about your examples. Figure numbers may be included too.

PLEASE adhere to the minimum requirement of 2 paragraphs per question and always state the question you are addressing first. Employ good grammar and spelling and no phrases or slang! Please include the questions WITH the answers!

Scoring Guide for Assignment 5

Assignment #5
Writing Assignment Chapter Questions
  • Include opinion and information gathered from the chapter using terms and supporting essays with examples when requested.(Up to 17 points)
  • 2 paragraph minimum per question (A paragraph is 1 topic sentence and 4-5 or more supportive sentences.)(Up to 10 points)
  • Use appropriate terms or processes in relation to your answer/example(s) (Up to 10 points)
  • Type chosen question before answering (Up to 3 points)
  • Spelling and Grammar (Up to 5 points) NOTE: Over five errors more points will be deducted!
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