performance as HR Director

Read this carefully if you cant do all of it in the directions do not apply for the assignment

Your Agency Head has been very impressed with your performance as HR Director. As a result, the Head is now ready to hear your ideas on revamping the performance appraisal form. To sell your choice of the appraisal form you wish to use, answer To sell your choice of formats, first answer Question #1 from the EXERCISE on page 271: and then answer #2: “Discuss the forms presented with regard to the following criteria:
-Accuracy in measuring employee performance
-Cost and time in developing
-Ease of completing
-Use in counseling and developing employees
-Use in promotion, pay, or other personnel decisions.”

Next, justify your choice to the Agency Head. Prepare your response in 400-600 words and paste it into the Assignment box. Include references in APSA format

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